Since 2007 Aqualiner has developed a fourth generation of fully process controlled equipment capable of producing liners in water companies live infrastructure. During 2016 one of the key objectives was to file one or more patent applications on aspects of the design of a new heated pig, thereby providing a further 20 years’ patent protection.

Ultimately Aqualiner’s real value, both commercial and financial lies in its intellectual property. The original patents are licensed to Aqualiner under an exclusive agreement. By making patent applications in the name of Aqualiner on the opportunities for process improvement we enhance the value and duration of our own IP portfolio and improve the speed, efficiency and controllability of our process. 

Aqualiner received confirmation from UK Patent Office of the grant of its first Patent (GB2554431) in July 18. A second patent application (1802664.1) was filed in February 2018.

Aqualiner has raised £5 million through a series of equity issues and has to date received two independent offers to buy the business from international public companies. One in 2010 for $21 million and in 2014 an offer based on an earn out basis. The latter was turned down by the shareholders. 

Our progress


  • Aqualiner secured exclusive license for the original Intellectual Property 


  • 3 prototype field trials with Wessex Water 
  • Appointment of Dr Dec Downey as Non-Executive Chairman (World renowned and recognized water & sewer pipe rehabilitation expert) 


  • Winner of the International Society of Trenchless Technology “ISTT” innovative technology award for pipe rehabilitation  
  • WRc Approved for Sewers installations  
  • NSF 61 – Drinking Water Contact Approval – USA  
  • 2 field trials with Anglian Water – (redundant water main) 


  • First commercial installation in a sewer with Wessex Water. 
  •  Offer by Owens Corning Inc. @ $21m cash (2-year project) 
  • Sewer Trial – Yorkshire Water 


  • 2 field trials with Yorkshire Water – (redundant water main) 
  • 2 field trials with Anglian Water – (Storm Water & Sewer) 


  • DWI Reg 31 Drinking Water Contact Approval – UK  


  • Fenner PLC acquired 7% stake then made an “earn out” offer rejected by shareholders  


  • Julian Rogers-Coltman joined as a Non-ex Director (over 30 years’ experience in financial and commodity markets)  


  • Patent application and significant design and engineering improvements 


  • “2016” Patent application receives “No objections” and PCT application is filed and also receives no objections from the International Patent Office 


  • “2016” Patent Granted & Second Patent application filed with no objections from the UK Patent Office