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Conserving tomorrow's water

A unique process for renewing deteriorating water and sewer pipes without the need for open trenching.

Developed by Aqualiner with the guidance and assistance from a consortium including Severn Trent Water, Anglian Water and Yorkshire Water.

The only fully structured pipe renewal lining process with UK drinking water approval

The benefits


Patented, installed technology that cuts water pipe replacement cost by up to 50% with an installation rate up to 10 times faster than open cut pipe replacement.


Uses advanced composite technology to substantially increase the speed of traditional pipe replacement. The process avoids the disruption of open cut trenching thereby minimising the risk to existing services, customers and highway users. Uses widely available third-party end seals, couplings and service connections.


Environmentally friendly materials/low carbon footprint, avoidance of spoil disposal to landfill and use of reinstatement aggregates.


Thin-walled to maintain and potentially enhance the pipe’s hydraulic capacity. Effectively line through bends. Fully Structural liner with the same standalone structural integrity as the existing pipe material. A patented process to renew pipes between 100mm and 300mm diameter.


Same day return to service – minimise disruption to customers and others affected by the work Target capability to renew 150+ metres/day.

Approved Product

UK (DWI Reg.31) and North America (NSF 61) Drinking Water Contact Approval. WRc PT /292/1109 approval for use in Sewers.

Meet the team


Archie Adams

Managing and Finance Director

Dec Downey


Hao “Henry” Zhang

Director of Industrial Development

Julian Rogers-Coltman


Gerry Boyce



Developed in conjunction with

The patented process had been developed by Aqualiner with the involvement of Severn Trent Water, Anglian Water and Yorkshire Water.

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