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Aqualiner Videos



Aqualiner on Anglian News

Aqualiner featured on ITV news programme ‘Anglia Tonight’ during trials for Anglian Water at Braybrooke in Northants. The footage includes a close-up section of lining with a brief explanation of what it is and how it works.


Animation of Aqualiner

Aqualiner in action: a virtual, representation of how the process would line a short section of broken sewer from manhole to manhole. This attractive animation highlights the compactness and convenience of the system and shows, with great clarity, exactly how the installation process works.


1st Commercial Install at Portland

Footage of Aqualiner’s first ‘paid-for’ commercial installation on the Isle of Portland, in Dorset. The work was carried out in a busy street in half of a day with no need for traffic lights. Access to the sewer pipe was made via existing manholes. The video shows the installation, lining and post CCTV inspection of the lining.


Yorkshire Water Extract for pressure test

Aqualiner was used to line a cast iron water mans pipe for Yorkshire Water on a country lane near Doncaster. This video shows the lined pipe being extracted and the cast iron pipe broken away to reveal the structural sound liner which was inspected and subsequently pressure tested.