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Repairing pipework using Aqualiner technology offers considerable advantages over more traditional methods:

Customer benefits

  • Its small site footprint means less environmental impact from road works and the smell of solvents/chemicals
  • Aqualiner can line sewers in critical conditions
  • The liners don’t shrink and are close-fit
  • Because the liner is thermoplastic-based, the process can be stopped, started or reversed if necessary
  • Thermoplastic composite liners weld to themselves, so liners can always be ‘over-lined’ to build up additional strength or longevity in the future
  • The process can line round bends and offset joints
  • It can line in wet conditions
  • Joints and laterals are visible and thus easy to locate on CCTV
  • Low surface energy means improved flow through, and reduced risk of build-ups or contamination, in the sewer.

Environmental benefits

  • Aqualiner’s MIPP structural liners have virtually unlimited shelf life, and don’t need impregnating with liquid resins. This significantly reduces health and safety concerns to both the contractors installing the product and the public
  • No solvents or chemicals are used or emitted into the environment
  • All materials are recyclable and there’s no need to send waste to expensive hazardous waste sites
  • No hazardous chemicals means no risk of contamination on site
  • The process has a small footprint, potentially requiring only 2 vehicles on site.

Health and Safety benefits

The materials utilised by Aqualiner contain no chemicals or solvents considered hazardous to health, and there are no water heating or steam generation hazards involved in the process. This eliminates:

  • The breathing in of solvents
  • Dermatological skin reactions
  • The splashing of eyes with chemicals (particularly curing agents) which can cause blindness.

Water quality benefits

With no hazardous chemicals utilised in the process, there’s no risk of any chemicals being leached out into the water. Neither is there any possibility of on-site chemical contamination of local waterways.

Material benefits

The process can line a wide range of existing pipe material:

  • Pipe materials Aqualiner has successfully lined include cast iron, bitumen-coated cast iron, asbestos-reinforced concrete, clay and PVC

It should be noted that PVC water pipes widely installed during the 1970s and 80s are prone to bursting due to inherent production defects. In France there are over 150,000 km of PVC pipe which needs to be either repaired or replaced, and Aqualiner is one of the few options capable of repairing the pipes underground without digging up the road.