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Meet the Aqualiner management team…


Dec Downey – Chairman

Dec brings over 40 years’ experience in all aspects of pipeline design, installation and rehabilitation.

This includes research and development, product launches, international marketing, technology transfer, licensing and support. He’s published some sixty papers on pipeline rehabilitation, serves on many industry committees, and was part of a team responsible for building the multi-million dollar sales operations for Insituform Technologies (Aegion Corp), the largest global sewer rehabilitation company.


Archie Adams – Managing and Finance Director

Archie is a corporate finance, business management and sales professional with over 20 years’ experience.

This includes being founder, CFO and CEO of Jyra, an SEC reporting issuer, which achieved a value of US$250m (a return of up to 80 times for investors). And being a founding director of Path 1 Network Technologies Inc., which he took public and which subsequently received a US$100m cash offer from a Canadian public company.


Gerry Boyce – Product and Technology Director

Gerry has 30 years’ experience in the design, development and commercial application of composite materials on an international basis.

He’s been closely involved in the design and manufacture of the first carbon fibre Formula 1 racing cars. The design and development of breakaway composite sign posts for 3M. And the design, development and installation of novel, electrically-resistant composite cross arms for the UK’s National Grid and SSE.

Aqualiner has sub-contracted the technical aspects of the project to EPL Composite Solutions – a leading composite applications development company with a proven track record in product delivery. EPL also makes available a number of highly successful management and technical staff who are able to join Aqualiner as and when appropriate.

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